Venue for

Graduation Party

Are you looking for the perfect party venue to host a memorable graduation party? Look no further! Whether you are celebrating a high school or college graduation, with careful planning and the right venue, you can create an unforgettable event. From spacious outdoor venues to glamorous indoor spaces, at Manjal Manor, we offer everything that would make your graduation party spectacular.

Why Manjal Manor for your Graduation Party?

Best graduation party absolutely consists of fun filled time with your best friends, family and well-wishers. At Manjal Manor, we do cater various spaces, that is ideal to have a photo booth, outdoor games, space for your family to celebrate that special moment with you. 

Of course, music is life. At Manjal Manor, we have high-fidelity DJ quality sound indoor. Just create your favorite playlist, and share it with us, and we will have it ready for you to play the music. 

How fun all of this would be without party lights? Right. We have LED lights all around the indoor space, and floor LED lights, that would sync with the music. 

I know you want to see all this in action. Check out the below photos and videos.

We have had several graduation party at our venue for high school specific. We have witnessed the high school graduate have always had a blast with their friends and family. Reason being, friends and family have plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces to hang out with their besties, enjoy the summer, love listening to music at it’s very best all over the venue. All that definitely makes Manjal Manor a popular venue for high school graduation party.

The average cost of renting a venue for high school graduation party can vary greatly depending on various factors. At Manjal Manor, it depends on the day and the number of hours. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay around $500 – $1500 that includes the entire venue space and all the included amenities at no additional cost.

We are usually flexible for the most part and we do care about your loved one creating a lasting memory at our venue. Depending on the day and time, some common restrictions may include capacity limit, noise restrictions after 10pm, alcohol policies. We will be happy to share any additional information if you may need.

There maybe full-service venue exist in Charlotte, but at Manjal Manor, we keep it simple by letting our guests to chose their favorite caterer, decorator, DJ, bartender etc. The only thing that we would need is that you share all the third-party vendor contact information and their liability insurance copy that shows Manjal Manor is added for the day you have your event at our venue. To serve alcohol, you would need to get a 1 day ABC license. All these will be part of our contract agreement.

We always recommend our guests to book the venue as soon as they can. We get inquiries all the time, and it’s best to lock the date for you, so you don’t miss your favorite date.

We sure there are, but one of the most favorite thing that attracts our guests is the outdoor space that is versatile, big space, 20′ stage with a creative roof, backdrops, covered pergola area all that makes Manjal Manor ideal if you are looking for a venue that offer outdoor space for your party.

Manjal Manor pricing is competitive enough in the first place. But we do try our best to accommodate provided the date is available. Please check with us and share your requirement. We will do our best.

We have had anywhere from 50 people to 150 people so far at our venue, and it depends on how you see our space fit for your needs.


We are very happy to call out that, after listening to the music at our indoor space you might regret having paid for the DJ if you did already. You can create a public playlist and share with us, and it will be available for you in our smart TV youtube premium subscription that is included in the price.

We have in-house parking that can easily accommodate about 30+ cars, and the next door commercial building entrance access in the back can accommodate additional 25 cars makes it convenient for any events. 

We are always here to ensure all your questions are answered. Please call us at (704)779-1922 or send us an email to [email protected]. Our representative will be happy to answer all your questions.