Frequently Asked Questions

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If your question isn’t answered here, please email us at [email protected] or call (704)779-1922. Thank you very much.

That’s a great question and one we hear often.

Our indoor space spans 1000 sq ft, comfortably accommodating up to 50 guests in a climate-controlled environment, complete with 3 bathrooms.

Indoor & Outdoor:
The combination of Indoor and outdoor events, we’ve hosted 250 guests, with space for even more, depending on the layout and event type. While we offer amenities like fans, a covered pergola, barn door building, and an outdoor stage with a ceremony backdrop to help with weather conditions, please note the outdoor areas are not climate-controlled.

Our clients choose what to rent based on their specific needs and the weather, and we’re grateful they find our venue versatile enough to create memorable events.

We collect 50% non-refundable deposit, and the remaining full amount is due 15 days prior to the event.

We have four 33-gallon Rubbermaid Brute containers outside, each with one new trash bag. For additional bags, please bring your own heavy-duty 33-gallon trash bags.

We do not allow this due to several reasons. However, feel free to check with us. If we do not have any other event, we will see if we can accommodate your need.

Usually, an hour early is allowed, and additional hours are charged. If there is no event that day and we can get the venue ready earlier, we might make an exception for you to come in a bit earlier to start decorating. However, this cannot be guaranteed due to various variables. We always recommend that you plan your event within the booking hours.

Yes, we have a limited number of fancy Chiavari chairs and high-quality tables in various sizes. For the complete list, please refer to the “What is included in the rental cost” section above.

Booking our venue involves a few key steps:

1. Schedule a Tour: Consider visiting the venue in person to see if it meets your needs.

2. Confirm Your Date: If you decide the venue is right for you, confirm your desired date and time slot.

3. Receive a Quote and Agreement: We’ll send you an online quote and rental agreement only when you are ready to book within 24 hours based on our current pricing. Note that prices are only guaranteed upon deposit.

4. Deposit: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date, which can be paid via Zelle (no extra fee) or credit card (with a 3% convenience fee).

5. Finalize Booking: Choose your payment method so we can finalize the quote, locking in your pricing even if venue prices change later. 

6. Final Payment: The full balance is due 15 days before the event. If you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, or if you are unable to complete the final payment on time, the date will become available to others and your deposit remains non-refundable.

For more details on what is included, like furniture, check our website or specific articles like [Chairs and Tables Furniture Additions].

If additional furniture becomes available, it will be offered for rent.

Feel free to consult the FAQ section on our website for any additional questions, or contact us directly if your queries aren’t covered.

Included with your venue booking, enjoy $1200 worth of furniture rentals at no extra cost.:

Please click here to see the details of what is included

When renting the Barn Door Add-on (You get additional furniture at no extra cost):

  • Chairs: 51 Foldable White Chairs
  • Tables: 8 Rectangle Foldable Tables (6 foot), 1 Table (8 foot)

Other Facilities & Amenities:

  • Lighting: Ambient Indoor Ceiling LED Lighting
  • Entertainment: ROKU Smart TV with YouTube Premium Subscription
  • Refrigerator: Full-Size
  • Sink: Next to Refrigerator
  • Sound System: High-Quality
  • Parking: Space for 25-30 vehicles
  • 1 Full Bathroom
  • 2 Half Bathrooms with Disability Access

We appreciate your interest in booking our venue. However, we can’t hold dates without a signed rental agreement and a 50% non-refundable deposit. Our policy is to treat all inquiries equally and operate on a first-come, first-served basis to ensure fairness to all our clients.

On the day of your event, or the day prior, I will send you the self check-in instructions. Typically, either myself or one of my representatives will visit the venue to ensure everything is in order, turn on the lights, and notify you. It will be very simple to manage, so no worries. If you have any questions, you can always call or text me.

After the event, please ensure you don’t extend your stay beyond the agreed time. This is important because, just as your event was our priority, we must give the same attention to the next event following yours. Adhering to the check-out instructions helps ensure a smooth transition and maintains a positive experience for everyone.

No, you can’t start at 3pm, if you only booked for 4 hours (6pm – 10pm). Our prices are based on the time, not the type of event, and they are already competitive. When booking, include your setup time in the schedule. We might offer a special package for you. For big events like weddings, consider booking the whole day to avoid rushing. If you book for 4 hours or more, you get an extra hour for free.

Absolutely! At Manjal Manor, you can enjoy high-quality music without the need for a DJ. Our venue is equipped with stunning in-house speakers located in the indoor hall, covered pergola area, and the barn door building.

Indoor Hall Music System: Our indoor hall features 5.1 home theater-like speakers mounted on the ceiling. These are connected to a smart TV where you can play your favorite music through the YouTube app, navigate to Music section. Simply create a public YouTube Music playlist, share it with us to the venue email address(ask for our email address), and access it directly on the TV through the YouTube app, navigate to Library section to see your playlist in the bottom. Remember to adjust the TV volume to zero and control the sound using the receiver’s volume, not exceeding 48 to maintain optimal audio quality. We also provide a YouTube Premium Music subscription with your booking, ensuring an ad-free experience. Alternatively, you can connect your phone using an aux cable, though sound quality may vary with different sources.

Covered Pergola Music: The covered pergola is equipped with four outdoor speakers, perfect for background music that complements the ambiance of conversations and gatherings. To play music here, format a USB thumb drive with your music in .mp3 format. Note that due to a system glitch, only songs with odd numbers (e.g., 1, 3, 5) will play. You can also connect via an aux cable for more straightforward playback.

Barn Door Building Music: This area includes two high-quality Bluetooth speakers. Simply turn on the FOSI audio amplifier (small black device) and connect your device via Bluetooth. The sound setup here is ideal for creating an immersive, private audio environment, perfect for activities like a photo booth, bar, or dance area for teens.

We hope this information helps you plan the perfect musical atmosphere for your event at Manjal Manor!

Please note, these in-house systems are not configured for external DJ setups. DJs must bring their own equipment, as there are no XLR connections available. Additionally, if you need music at the outdoor stage or ceremony area, hiring a DJ is necessary, though there are ample electrical outlets available for use.

Currently, we don’t offer an online calendar for availability checks due to the dynamic nature of bookings. We receive numerous inquiries and calls daily, so availability can change rapidly. For the most up-to-date information, you’re welcome to call us directly or fill out our inquiry form. Once submitted, we’ll promptly email you all the details you need to know about availability and more.

The cost to rent our venue varies depending on several factors, including the day of the week. We have different rates for Weekdays, Fridays & Sundays, and Saturdays, which are considered prime days. To get detailed pricing information tailored to your event, please fill out our inquiry form, and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

According to the “One-Time Permits Information for Limited Special Occasion permits,” you must submit applications for Limited Special Occasion and Special One-Time permits at least 14 days before the event. These permits can be submitted online, by mail, or in person at the ABC Commission. For more information and to apply for the permit, please visit the following link: ABC Permit Information.

Please note that if only beer and/or unfortified wine (with 16% alcohol or less) is being served free of charge to guests over 21 years old at a free event, and you have the owner’s permission to serve alcohol on their premises, then obtaining an ABC permit is not required.


For any additional questions, we recommend contacting the ABC Commission directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The venue is equipped with 3 bathrooms. This includes 1 full bathroom featuring a bathtub and 2 commercial bathrooms that are ADA compatible.

Our venue offers approximately 25-30 parking spots. Additionally, there are 25 courtesy parking spaces available behind the neighboring child care learning center. While these extra spaces are not guaranteed, they are often vacant during late evenings and weekends. To ensure smooth parking for your event, we recommend carpooling or arranging alternative transportation. Historically, parking has not posed a problem for our events, even those with over 100 guests.

Yes, you’re welcome to bring outside food to your event. Please provide us with a copy of the insurance from your caterer or any third-party vendors you plan to use for your event.

We do not plan to install a gate between the venue property and the child care center’s parking area. Although it’s not guaranteed, gaining these additional parking spaces was a significant effort, and installing a gate to block access is not feasible. While we understand concerns about safety, it’s important to note that access can be gained from various points. Our venue is in a private, secure location, and we’ve hosted numerous events without security issues. However, if safety is a major concern for your event, we recommend hiring security personnel. We hope this doesn’t inconvenience you, but it’s important to be aware that complete lockdown access is not possible at our venue.