Red Romance at Manjal Manor: Celebrating the Arrival of Love with 50 Cherished Guests at a Stunning Baby Shower

In the heart of the huntersville, at Manjal Manor Event Venue we were ready to host an event that would be remembered for years to come. The occasion was a baby shower, but not just any baby shower – this was a celebration of love, life, and new beginnings, attended by 47+ cherished guests, all there to honor a lovely young couple on the brink of parenthood.

Indoor Space That Seated and Catered to 47 Guests

The main event unfolded in the Manjal Manor’s indoor space, a open room aglow with the warmth and vibrancy of red – the color of love and passion. This space, with its elegant decor and ambient lighting, was transformed into a cozy haven that comfortably seated 47 guests. The meal was a culinary joy, from the gourmet appetizers to the rich main courses, and perfectly aligned with the theme of the day. The perfect cozy ambiance and luxurious setting with our new Chiavari Charis and Tables made every guest feel the sophistication and charm.

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Outdoor Area for a Private Photoshoot

Adjacent to the indoor space, the splendid outdoor area, was an perfect setting for capturing memories. We were able to bring the lovely couple outside for a private photoshoot, allowing the couple for a short break. The natural lighting, combined with the beautiful string lights on a cloudy day, created a pleasant ambiance, perfect for photographing this babyshower event. The laughter and joy in these photos, creating treasures that would be cherished for a lifetime.

New Chiavari Chairs and Tables for Elegance

Manjal Manor introduced brand-new Chiavari chairs and tables to bring an extra touch of refinement to the occasion. These chairs and tables if you were to rent it for 50 people can usually cost you around $750-$850 and they are well-known for their classic design and comfort, boosting the venue’s overall appearance.

This baby shower event was the first occasion to use these new furniture, and we were very happy to have them arrived for this event. You can learn more about this new chiavari chairs and tables addition here.

The chairs and tables not only fit the ‘Red Romance’ babyshower, but also created a luxurious seating experience for the guests. We thrive for the elegance and comfort for our hosts and guests and these furnishings is another perfect example of Manjal Manor’s dedication to delivering the best for its guests. Because we have seen the pain that took for our hosts to work with rental vendors to coordinate, deliver, setup and pick up.

Manjal Manor In-House Parking for Convenience

One of the highlights of Manjal Manor was its limited in-house parking facility, ensuring convenience and comfort for the guests. The ample parking space is ideal for the number of guests who attended for this small gathering. It meant that attendees could arrive and depart at their leisure, without the hassle of finding parking.


In conclusion, the ‘Red Romance’ baby shower at Manjal Manor was a symphony of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Each element of the event, from the indoor catering to the outdoor photoshoot, the convenience of in-house parking, and the elegance of the new Chiavari chairs and tables, came together to create an experience that was both heartwarming and luxurious. It was a celebration that perfectly encapsulated the joy and anticipation of welcoming a new life into the world.

Here’s what our customers had to say about their lovely experience at the Manjal Manor venue during their recent baby shower celebration.

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