Manjal Manor Indoor Venue: An Overview


Among the many benefits of manjal manor as an indoor venue and outdoor venue for events is its convenient location. Just 20 minutes from Charlotte’s uptown, you’ll find Manjal Manor in the heart of Huntersville, North Carolina. The venue is conveniently located at the intersection of Sam Furr and Old Statesville Road. Just a short three to five-minute drive from I-77’s exit 25. During the party, if you ever need anything, from super target, lowe’s starbucks, restaurants, all points of interests along with a famous primal brewery right next door. 

Indoor Venue

A few couples expressed their gratitude for their visit, saying they were “so glad” they made an effort to finally see the space in person. Due to the fact that one of the partners was hesitant to visit for the tour because it looks like a modest house from the outlook. The exterior does not do justice to the stunning beauty and originality of the home’s interior and exterior space. Indoors, everything is wide open to make visitors feel both at home and at an event. The indoor is completely opened up to give guests the feeling of an event space but also being at home.

1. Interior Space

The entire interior space consists of two sections.

As soon as you step foot inside, your eyes will be drawn to the bright, open room, which is bathed in natural light from the many large windows that span its length. The red oak hardwood floor is another striking feature. The indoor space can accommodate as many as 65+ seated guests and even more standing.

The separate private room that is full of mirrors and a beautiful branded leather love seat is so deep that you can lounge and chat with your best friends. The full bathroom is complete with tiled walls and a laminated floor, are all located in the same building with a 1000 Sq. ft space in total.

2. Lights

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy a lighting? At Manjal Manor Event Venue, we have plenty of both natural and artificial lighting options.

Natural Lights:

There are windows everywhere in the venue, and to top it off, we waited 11 months to replace three old single windows with a spectacular picture window that overlooks the entire back outdoor venue, replete with string lights, parking and grass space.

Artificial Lights

There are a total of 12 6″ canned recess lights, 2 adjustable track lights, and 2 12″ flush mount LED lights installed. When everything is illuminated, the ambience will be “let’s party now.”

Really, that’s not enough, is it? I know. Therefore, we lowered the crown molding over the entire indoor main space of the venue and installed a bluetooth-controlled LED party lighting system to set the mood.

How many hues is too many? So, 64,000 alternatives is acceptable? You don’t want the default color, do you? Would you want to synchronize it with the song’s beat as well? That’s a good question, and I’m glad you asked. You should be able to set to the music beat of your favorite tunes, select a predetermined party theme, or customize the colors to your liking, all without leaving the blue tooth app. You can’t possibly get a sense of the event venue atmosphere without experiencing it in person. Absolutely schedule a tour with us before deciding the venue based on just photos.

- Manjal Manor - Manjal Space Interior Space 5

3. Audio, Video & Highspeed Internet

Knowing firsthand what makes guests and partygoers happy as an Airbnb host, I strive to ensure that each and every one of my guests, partygoers, has an unforgettable experience while using the venue. However, I do place a high priority on good audio.

Even while portable speakers have come a long way in recent years, nothing beats having speakers permanently installed in the ceiling or walls to create a truly memorable experience for your special guests.

Event Venue has 7.1 ceiling wall mounted 8″ speakers, Center surround speaker, and 10″ sub-woofer all connected to the receiver that also has a HDMI cable connected to the 55″ smart TV on HDMI 1, and additionally we have a breeze connect Logitech Bluetooth adapter connected in the Aux port.

All you have to do is to change the input on the remote set to HDMI 1 for the video+sound experience on the TV, OR just press the bluetooth adapter and connect with your phone directly to the bluetooth. It connects instantly. Not one of those sluggish bluetooth connection that search forever and never connects.

You just have to play your favorite music and enjoy the party.

It goes without saying that you require high-speed internet to avoid ever experiencing buffering. And we’ve got you covered there, too.

Watch this video to see how the indoor space with the LED lights move in time to the music.

4. Bathroom

One full bathroom is available, complete with a tub, high-capacity toilet, and sink with mirror. It’s adjacent to the private room, and its floor is a water proof laminate and gorgeous shade of blue tiles around the tub. For larger gatherings, we have vendors that can rent you portable toilets.

6. Private Room

Every visitor loves the additional quiet private room space that is available. It’s the perfect place to get ready, have a private conversation if you are hosting a business meeting, or kick back and just relax. There are mirrors on every wall, a 55-inch smart TV, a wide tv stand that looks industrial, a fan, and a magnificent navy blue loveseat on which you must lie in comfort rather than sit formally.

The goal of the manjal Manor event venue is to make you feel just at home. A photograph can’t capture the warmth and comfort that is actually present. Schedule a tour with our event venue.

5. Appliance & Other Features

The vast majority of our guests would rather prepare their own catering. That is not something we restrict. We’ve included a double-door refrigerator, a deep single sink with a Sumati white honed quartzite top, and a cabinet for convenience. You may bring your own breakfast and co=ffee in the morning. We do have the 12-inch cabinet drawer, the microwave on the counter, and the coffee bar for you to use.

Manjal Manor