Manjal Manor Actual Location

Make sure to read this fully and refer to the attached photo to avoid missing our driveway.

Our location is precisely between the Learning Center Daycare and the Primal Brewery Main Parking.

Keep an eye out for the wooden sign labeled “Manjal Manor Event Venue.” The address is 16524 Old Statesville Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078.

If you happen to miss our driveway, regardless of the direction you’re coming from, please make a U-turn and look for our entrance. We highly recommend using our parking as your first choice. Parking elsewhere is at your own risk. Sometimes, navigation to our venue address might lead you to the brewery parking next door, but you can easily exit there and enter our driveway right next door.

Manjal Manor Parking Instructions
Manjal Manor Parking Instructions
Manjal Manor